About Physics of Money

Physics of Money Education here after referred to as ‘POME’ is a financial Intelligence communication arm of Light Edge Systems Pty South Africa.

The central objective of POME is the communication of practical financial literacy in an avocational context. The training programs and workshops provided are not designed or intended to qualify or accredit students for employment. The content of our programs are rather intended for the personal financial and career development of our end users. 

The POME Ecosystem

  1. POME Business Summit: The POME Ecosystem starts with a summit; an intimate session centred on building sustainable businesses.
  1. POME Business Workshop: The second stage of the POME Ecosystem is the Practical Workshop where a simple guide to Financial Freedom is presented.
  1. POME Master Class: The third stage of the POME Ecosystem is the Master Class. An Intensive set of classes which features a comprehensive guide on Business Start-ups, Financial Intelligence, Money Circuits: A classic exposé on Business ideas and Opportunities, and Business Transformation Solutions; designed to transform existing businesses into financial power houses.
  1. POME Conference & Expo: The fourth stage of the POME Ecosystem is the Conference & Expo; where businesses of different kinds showcase their products and services, and keynote conference speakers provide on the go mentorship.
  2. POME Business Connect: The fifth stage of the POME Ecosystem is the Business Connect; where business of like minds are brought together in a asocial business forum and they exchange secrets, share problems and help each other tunnel through challenges they face in their peculiar industries.

The Physics of Money Master Class (POMMC)

POMMC is an Intensive set if Classes where participants are exposed to the entire Physics of Money Concepts, Financial Intelligence is impacted, and business initiation and transformation is attained.

POMMC Course curriculum is designed to transform and impact financial intelligence. The course seeks to turn your ideas into practical step by step guide to actualization. It also provides illumination into business opportunities which many are oblivious about, while transforming your existing businesses into successful platforms for financial freedom.

POMMC is an avocational program no accreditation is offered. The course modules are not intended to qualify students for employment but strictly focuses on equipping with prerequisite information for personal business development and transformation. The learning outcomes from these programs are solely dependent on the application to which the participants put the lessons learned.

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